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289-1233 Lynn Valley Rd.
North Vancouver, BC V7J 2A1



Welcome to Town Centre Dental Clinic, office of North Vancouver dentist, Dr. Lila Nabi. We are glad you have chosen us for your oral health needs and hope that every encounter with our office and staff exceeds your expectations. We know our patients have a choice in North Vancouver dentists, so we go out of our way to deliver the level of dental care and compassion we would want for our own families.

Complete oral health may be our long-term goal, but our immediate priority is patient comfort. We do our best to facilitate a relaxing and non-threatening office environment you’ll want to return to again and again. This includes the implementation of multiple pain management techniques to prevent treatment discomfort and minimize dental anxiety. Whether your treatment requires a local anesthetic to numb the mouth or a sedative that help you relax during your appointment, we have everything you need and more at our North Vancouver dental office.

You’ll also find our office to be equipped with amenities designed to make your experience more pleasant and enjoyable. From a comfortable waiting area to relaxing treatment areas, every detail has been designed with your satisfaction in mind.

Thank you and see you soon!

– Dr. Lila Nabi and Staff