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At Town Centre Dental, we take pride in offering our patients with anxiety-free dental care.   One way to accomplish this is to use the latest dental technology. iTero digital scanners are used to obtain information necessary to develop a treatment plan. They are used instead of traditional dental impressions, which can be gooey and uncomfortable. Instead, the iTero scanner is gently moved around the inside of the mouth in order to obtain 3-D images of the teeth and surrounding soft tissues. Within a matter of seconds, valuable information is obtained that can be used for orthodontic or restorative treatment. 

Did You Know?

The iTero scanner works by taking various pictures of your mouth at different angles. Within a single second, the scanner is capable of capturing 2,000 frames. These thousands of images are then converted into a single detailed image. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Am I a candidate for iTero?

iTero digital scans are used instead of dental impressions. Therefore, they are required when being fit for a dental restoration or prior to starting orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. iTero scanners can be used for all dental patients, although they are ideal for patients who have a sensitive gag reflex or struggle with undergoing a traditional dental impression.  

What can I expect during an iTero digital scan?

intraoral scanner

During an iTero digital scan, your North Vancouver dentist will gently place a tiny, hand-held wand into your mouth. They will then move this wand around your mouth to obtain images taken at various angles. iTero scans are completed in under a minute and are more comfortable than traditional dental impressions. 

While many types of dental scanners require the use of titanium dioxide powder to capture quality images, iTero is one of the few scanners that can obtain images without the need for titanium dioxide powder. The digital scans can also save time because they can be viewed immediately after to ensure it is adequate for the dental lab, instead of having to wait for the impression to be sent to the lab before finding out that it needs to be redone. 

Does the iTero digital scanner emit radiation?

No, the iTero digital scanner does not expose patients to ionizing radiation (x-rays). Instead only visible light is used to obtain information.